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Signs of a potential termite infestation

The jersey shore’s most common termite is the eastern subterranean termite and infestations can happen inside or outside your home or business.

Clear signs of termite activity include:

  • Mud tunnels along the foundation walls or other areas.
  • Darkening or blistering wood structures.
  • Bubbling paint.
  • Moisture compromised wood structures with termite galleries in it.
  • Frass which is small piles of feces that looks like sawdust.
  • Discarded wings in cobwebs, along frames, windowsills, cracks etc.
  • Hollow sounding wood in home.

Termite Treatment

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Completion of advanced training for wood destroying insects puts us ahead of other companies, which is why we have tremendous success with every treatment. Termites are very common but it takes a skilled eye to access damage and distinguish between insects to get the correct diagnosis.

Termites and procedure information

Termites are social insects that belong to the order isoptera. They consist of large colonies that search for moisture compromised or age decaying wood and if left unchecked can cause significant damage over time. Termite treatments typically consist of treating the foundation of the building and any other suspected areas of infestation such as around door frames and windows, garage posts, decks and much more. Termite treatments typically can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years which is why if you haven’t had a treatment done in a long time it is probably a good idea to have one done just in case.

Other wood destroying insects

Carpenter bees a highly common pest that visits in the spring and fall they can be found along the upper perimeter of your home drilling holes into the wood under the siding and gable vents, their favorite areas of residence are eaves and wooden decks! They will leave staining behind which is the result of chewed up wood pulp.

Carpenter ants are very large ants that can be found anywhere moisture is damaging wood, this can mean they can be in any nook and cranny in your home and if so its important to have a pro come do a proper treatment.

There are many wood destroying organisms to be aware of which is why It is important that a highly trained pest control professional does a thorough inspection to give you an accurate treatment plan.

3 Year warranty with every termite treatment

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The first step before doing any treatment is to do a thorough inspection which entails a walkthrough of the property and looking for conducive conditions & wood destroying insect activity. Real estate certifications (WDI Reports) are also available.

Termite Extermination

Our termite treatments consist of applying a termiticide subterranean barrier by trenching, drilling and injecting into the foundation and  adjacent soil. Interior termite damaged areas may need further treatment such as foam applications.

Effective & Long Lasting

The products we use can have anywhere from 3-10 years residual in soil and have a transfer effect so once a termite is infected it passes the termiticide unto the rest of the colony with total control within 90 days.

NJ Termite Real Estate Certifications

Buying or selling property?

New jersey law requires a WDI (wood destroying insect) report is needed from a licensed pest inspector whenever buying or selling property. Our technicians are experts at finding pest activity from termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and more. When our inspector arrives they will perform a visual inspection looking for pest activity and conducive conditions that they will note in the report before giving it to you. 

NPMA-33 Form

Real Estate Certification
$ 125 WDI Inspection
  • In Depth Inspection For Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects
  • Commercial Or Residential
  • NJPMA Certified Inspector

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What To Expect After A Termite Treatment

  • For best preventative maintenance termite treatments should be done every 5 years.
  • Termite treatments are designed to kill and prevent termite infestations it does not repair or fix damage already done by termites.
  • Even if no visible termite activity is found if you have not had a termite treatment done in the past 5 years it is always recommended to get a treatment regardless for preventative measures.
  • All wood destroying insect inspections are VISIBLE inspections.
  • After a termite treatment it can take up to 90 days to fully kill an infected colony.