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Lawn Fertilization Service

When it comes to maintaining a lush, weed free lawn proactively setting the right foundation with the health of your soil is a vital step that can be confusing and is often overlooked. Our custom lawn fertilization plans will provide all the nutrients and care your grass needs to thrive!

Avoid the DIY guesswork of lawn fertilization with a customized plan crafted to your lawn’s specific needs.

Our 6 Phase Fertilization Service

We Can Apply Liquid Or Granular

  1. March – April will entail of an application of fertilizer with pre-emergent weed/crabgrass prevention plus tick control.
  2. April – May will entail of an application of fertilizer with crabgrass and broadleaf weed control/ Pre-emergent plus tick control.
  3. June – July will entail of an application of fertilizer with bio solids and spot area weed control plus tick control.
  4. August – September Will entail of an application of fertilizer or enhanced lime and spot weed control plus tick & grub control.
  5. September – October Will entail of an application of fertilizer with bio solids and spot weed control plus tick and grub control.
  6. October – November Will entail of an application of winter fertilizer with micro nutrients.

Ready For A Lush GREEN Lawn?

2 Spring Treatments

2 Summer Treatments

2 Fall Treatments

GREEN BOOM FertilizATION Service

Any Size Property
50% OFF First Service
  • Liquid & Granular Options
  • Pay As You Go
  • Begin Anytime
  • Can Be Combined With Our Other Services
  • Full Lawn Analysis
  • Crabgrass Pre Emergent
  • Winterizing Treatment
  • Year Round Fertilizers
  • Soil Sampling Included
  • Synthetic Or Organic Options

What's The Diffrence Between Granular & Liquid Fert?

As long as your lawn is getting the care and nutrients it needs either option is great, and we may combine both options into your custom lawn care approach. Some days it may be better to apply granular and some days it may be better to apply liquid, but the main difference is that granules need water to activate them and is not as precise as liquid which goes straight to the roots and the nutrient levels are evenly distributed to each blade of grass.

Here's Why We Are Better than Our Large Corporate Competitors

  • Quality First Ingredients
  • We Utilize Liquid & Granular Mix
  • We Can Accurately Calculate And Combine Fertilizers With Pesticides, Fungicides & Herbicides For Various Purposes
  • Unique Skillset With Highly Trained Staff
  • We Truly Care About Customer Satisfaction And Won’t Be Satisfied Until Your Neighbors Are Jealous 

What to expect after a fertilizer application

  • Granular fertilizer needs water to activate. Fertilizer will be applied into the soil and is safe when used as directed for people & pets.
  • Granular fertilizer applications won’t affect your lawn mowing routine.
  • In summertime with heat and other stressful weather conditions its important to water your lawn frequently to maximize effectiveness of a fertilizer program.
  • Be careful of overwatering your lawn because excess moisture can lead to fungal diseases. Don’t over saturate the ground to the point that its sopping wet.
  • In the fall time of the year its important to frequently pick up leaves and acorns on your property so that your lawn doesn’t get smothered.