Who we are

ecoguard, LLC

Ecoguard Pest Control was founded in 2015 to provide New Jersey residents with a complete pest control service, resulting in total pest elimination and protection. We have adopted the theme “Ecological and Economical Pest Solutions”, as we not only use the most scientific, eco-friendly products, but also calculate our products at the maximum mixing ratios to responsibly apply treatments to your home or business, producing optimal results while at the same time being cost effective. Your personal mission is to keep your family safe at every turn, our mission will continue to be keeping your family safe from harmful pests and damage they may cause. Ecoguard takes pride in customer service, innovation, and hard work that puts the customer first, making your experience with Ecoguard unique and unbeatable. We love our customers and they love us. We’re not focused on being the biggest company we are focused on being the best.

Ecoguard LLC Offers proven powerful pest control services that we back with our guarantee. When you’re in need of a commercial or residential pest control service you can rely on us to be convenient, on time, dependable and effective. Nobody knows the enemy as we do. Trust us to put every ounce of our experience to work for you in creating a pest defense for your business.