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Thorough Exclusion Service

Rodent Control For Homes & Business

Two Time Service

Any Size Property
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  • Locked Bait Station Placement
  • Multiple Choice Rodenticides
  • Minor Entry Point Exclusion
  • 1 Free Rodenticide Refill
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Ocean County NJ Rodent Control Services

Our unique approach to controlling rodents includes an in depth inspection of the property to identify high activity areas and entry points into the building as well as notifying the customer of any conducive conditions we find. We will then apply multiple types of rodenticides in tamper proof locked stations in strategic areas where rodents will find eat then die shortly after. Any minor holes we find usually in cabinets, under sinks, around pipes and cutouts we fill with our custom excluder fabric dipped in a repellant for added effectiveness. In some cases we may even clean up and sanitize areas where droppings are found. In about 30 days we will return to replenish bait and do an overall checkup. Customers can always opt in for our residential or commercial year round maintenance plans for further service.

Signs you might have a rodent problem may include:

  • Droppings along baseboards, perimeters, under kitchen equipment, drawers, in your pantry or anywhere mice or rats will trail along.
  • Chewed food products.
  • Sightings which would mean their actively searching for food.
  • Gnaw marks on wood, plastic, cardboard or wires.
  • Strange noises coming from wall voids.

Health Risks Of Rodents

Having a rodent infestation can have a devastating impact on your home or business, this is why it should always be handled by a trained professional like our skilled technicians who have the experience and equipment to address every situation in a safe and effective manner.

  • Numerous diseases and allergens
  • Contamination
  • Rodent bites
  • Rodent infestation

Rodent Exclusion

Any Size Property
$ 55 OFF New Customer
  • Effective Prevention
  • Long Lasting
  • Cost Effective

What is a specialty exclusion service?

Our special rodent exclusion service is for those jobs where there is larger gaps and holes to fill within the building that a traditional rodent treatment wouldn’t cover. We use a unique product that is a black foam that has a repellant built into it so if any rats or mice try to chew through they can’t stand the taste and move on. This product is great for sealing up gaping seams in kitchen perimeters or wider holes where plumbing runs. Basically any larger void like travel points rodents will pass through. We will search and apply wherever needed in all rooms of the building including crawlspace and foundation areas. However keep in mind its impossible to 100% guarantee that no rodent will ever get into the building. Ecoguard leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting our customers.

Prevention is always the best remedy, that’s why exclusions remain the most effective, longest lasting and least expensive solution.

What to expect after a rodent treatment

  • Best practices to prevent further mice & rat infestations is to keep the building clean and pick up any food debris from pets, kids, cooking, ETC.
  • For rodenticides to be most effective all human food sources should be eliminated and made un accessible to rodents, this makes the poison more attractive to rats & mice.
  • Most homes and businesses can be almost impossible to completely proof for rodents, however with our specialized rodent exclusion service we can seal up any access points or pathways we find to make it hard as possible for mice and rats to move in. 
  • Rodents are not evil creatures but unfortunately the damage they may cause gnawing can cause electrical problems as well as the fleas they may carry can transmit diseases.
  • Any conducive conditions found by our technicians should be addressed properly for maximum effectiveness.