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Commercial Pest Protection

Commercial Pest Control For Ocean County, NJ Businesses

How Does Commercial Pest Prevention Work?

With Ecoguard we won’t stop until we know for sure your business is set up with the appropriate pest program suited to your businesses unique needs. We only provide QUALITY service and use top grade products to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

Typically a commercial plan will entail:

  • In depth inspection
  • Evaluation , design and address any underlying conducive conditons
  • Education
  • Extermination
  • Visits either weekly, bi weekly or monthly
  • Interior treatments and or exterior treatments
  • Can be combined with our other service plans for a discounted rate
  • Product application sheet to be marked each visit for inspections
  • Quality assurance

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Commercial Maintenance

Any Size Business
  • Automatic Service
  • IPM (Category 13) Certified
  • Plan Tailored To Your Businesses Needs
  • Service Forms Provided
  • Coverage For Most Common Infesting Pests
  • Fly Light Maintenance
  • Rodent Control W/ Unlimited Refills
  • Roach Control
  • Periodic Drain Treatments

We know your business, and

how to keep it protected.


  • We customize our services to your businesses unique needs. Either one-time or recurring service.
  • We offer 24/7 pest emergency service.
  • Our service comes with a pest free guarantee.
  • Our services are affordable and discreet.
  • We only use high quality products that are up to date with todays standards and effectiveness.
  • We eliminate pest problems and prevent future ones.
  • Local family owned & operated we genuinely care about our customers.


Ecoguard is certified and specializes in integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated vegetation management (IVM). We understand the unique needs of schools that are at high risk for infestations but at the same time want effective and less toxic solutions.


Our wide range of services will help your business maintain a safe, sterile & pest free environment. We also offer on site pest prevention education designed to help your staff prevent and recognize pests before they become an issue.

Get your business ready

we service any industry

Every Business, Every Solution

Whether it be a local deli, food service, office, government, school, retail, healthcare, hospitality, factory or any other business, we can help protect and prevent it from pests and the damage they may cause.

Don't Let Pests Eat your Reputation

Pest damage comes in many forms, whether it be structural damage, damage to inventory, violation of health regulations or even bad customer reviews, it all has an effect on your business.

Choose the Right Guard

Every home, business or place is an ecosystem. That's why you need to choose expertise when it comes to addressing your businesses specific needs. With Ecoguard its always quality over quantity.

What To Expect With Our Commercial Plans

  • A technician will arrive automatically to service your establishment we do not call before we come but you may receive an email or text to notify of next service.
  • Pest control is a co operative effort between the pest control company and the customer. Reducing any conducive conditions recommended will maximize effectiveness of a pest control program.
  • Emergency pest visits are available and typically can take up to 24 hours for a technician to arrive.
  • We provide pest control services to a wide range of industries which include government, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, condos, apartments, storage facilities, bars, restaurants, churches, retail and more.

Local people love ecoguard pest & turf

Ecoguard LLC has the experience and trained specialists that have seen it all when it comes to pest and turf problems. Not only do we strive to provide you with the highest quality service but our team genuinely cares and will listen to your concerns because we aren’t satisfied unless you are! Proudly serving all of ocean county, NJ.

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