Seasonal Mosquito Control


Tired of being eaten by a swarm?

Ecoguard LLC offers seasonal mosquito control services. Due to the outstanding success of these services, we have created a seasonal package which will provide treatments every 21 days to greatly reduce mosquitoes lingering on your property. These services will include a full yard spray focusing on where mosquitoes breed and find shelter during daylight.

Enjoy the warm summer nights without being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes.

Ecoguard LLC also specializes in organic mosquito control if you choose to go green! Service begins in april and ends in september but you can start anytime, Call today to schedule a FREE assessment. 732-300-8553

Did you know mosquitoes carry and transmit dangerous diseases in NJ?

Mosquitoes are prone to live in warm humid environments and will breed in stagnant water. They are known to carry a number of dangerous diseases that can infect you, your family or pets if bitten. They can cause a serious problem and nuisance in or around your property. Ecoguard LLC technicians will explain how to reduce conducive conditions around your property, such as shaded areas and stagnant water. For our advanced mosquito control services call today or email us at



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