Spider Removal And Control

Are you constantly walking into webs?

Spiders can be beneficial to a home when in small numbers by keeping insect populations low. But as you may know it is possible for spiders to grow into infestation numbers. Some spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse are poisonous and if bitten can cause a trip to the hospital. The nocturnal and solitary nature of spiders can cause homeowners to be unaware of an infestation until it spirals out of control. Removal of these pests should be quick and as efficient as possible for optimal control. Ecoguard LLC trained technicians know exactly what to look for and take protecting you and your property seriously.


It is common for people to swallow spiders in their sleep while being completely unaware.

As mentioned some spiders are poisonous and most are not, however side effects of being bitten by a spider are often pain, muscle spasms, weakness, vomiting, nausea, fever, headaches and rashes. While spiders bites are rarely fatal its important you have your property properly inspected by a professional to determine the right method of treatment. Call today for a free estimate on a spider treatment. 732-300-8553


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