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Humane local wildlife removal services, no other pest control company cares for animals as we do, let us utilize our specialized low impact trapping methods and skilled procedures to remove unwanted wildlife from your home.

EcoGuard takes a radical approach when it comes to changing the way wildlife control services are performed, all of our services are environmentally responsible and makes timely use of a variety of cost-effective methods to reduce damage to a tolerable level. We never use cruel methods unlike other wildlife companies who are ignorant to the suffering their methods cause.

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Get them out. Keep them out.

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Raccoon's are nocturnal mammals common in N.J., These clever critters are nimble with there hands and feet and are very smart when it comes to problem solving such as turning doorknobs, opening latches, swimming and climbing.
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Skunks are common in N.J. and are known for their pungent odor that is produced by anal scent glands. Their spray can be very irritant and even cause temporary blindness if sprayed in the eyes.
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Groundhog's are commonly referred to as woodchucks and are closely related to squirrels, commonly found underground burrows that can stretch as long as 66 feet. Depending on where the burrows are they can cause substantial structural damage.
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Opossums are marsupials native to N.J., they thrive in wooded and suburban neighborhoods where their is abundance of leftover garbage to scavenge. They often play dead when frightened by curling on their back and sticking their tongue out.
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There are three different types of squirrel, tree squirrel's, ground squirrel's and flying squirrel's. The most common in N.J. is the tree squirrel who commonly like to move into peoples attics where there is shelter as well as scavenge garbage cans and bird houses.
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Exclusion service

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EcoGuard's exclusion services is the ultimate way to critter proof your home, We start by doing a thorough inspection and then seal off any entry/exit points as well as replace weather strips around doors, garages ETC. We also place repellents/deterrent's and bait stations to ensure total protection.

Our Philosophy


We believe all life is precious and strive to be the leader of inhumane practices in all that we do while at the same time protecting people, pets, and property. EcoGuard’s Wildlife removal services will always spare the lives of animals whenever possible.


Our wildlife & animal control methods will never inflict unnecessary stress or pain, separate mother’s from their young, or remove animals from their home environment.


Will removing the animal solve the problem or just address the symptoms? The solution needs to address the underlying cause of the problem to ensure long-term success.  Proper wildlife control requires skilled technicians, humane trapping, and thorough exclusions.