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100% Flea extermination guaranteed

Our specially designed flea removal service will completely eliminate fleas in your new jersey home or business. When our flea exterminators come to your property they will begin by doing a thorough inspection followed by a interior/exterior treatment of your property depending on the infestation.

Why it pays to go with the pro

The methods are many by which these ankle nibblers can find their way into our homes and offices. Ecoguard's experienced team will take the time to thoroughly evaluate the environment and propose a treatment plan that is catered to your needs. Can you guess what the best part is? We will never overcharge or sink your budget by doing it. By the time you get done spending money on products that dont even work or trying various DIY remedies we could have eliminated these horrible pests many times over. We are proud of our flea removal services reputation of being one of the top flea exterminators in NJ. If you are fighting with fleas, please contact us we can help.

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How to get rid of fleas?

Ecoguard LLC's flea control service begins by properly assessing your home, then your pet will  need to be treated if it has fleas. Topical medications and dips will be needed to treat the pet which will be the preferred host. Pet bedding as well as other fabric will need to be hot washed and hot dried. Thorough vacuuming will be needed prior and after treatment is completed. Vacuum bags and canisters should be discarded and emptied. Ecoguard LLC takes flea removal and our customer satisfaction seriously. Call today for a free quote for our NJ flea control service.



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