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Our on site preventative pest control training is designed to help your staff prevent and recognize pests before they become an issue.



Ecoguard is licensed and specializes in integrated pest management (IPM) we understand the unique needs for schools who are at high risk for infestations.

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Let us customize the right treatment plan that suite's your businesses specific needs

We service any industry

Every Business, Every Solution.

Whether it be a local deli, food service, office, government, school, retail, healthcare, hospitality, factory or any other business, we can help protect and prevent it from pests and the damage they may cause.

Dont Let Pests Eat Away at your Reputation and Budget!

Pest damage comes in many forms, whether it be structural damage, damage to inventory, violation of health regulations or even bad customer reviews, it all has an effect on your business.

Choose the Right Guard.

Every home, business or place is an ecosystem. That's why you need to choose expertise when it comes to addressing your businesses specific needs.

 Call for a free assessment and let us customize the right treatment plan for your business.

We know your business, and how to keep it protected.

Ecoguard LLC Offers proven powerful commercial pest control services that we back with our guarantee. When your in need of a commercial pest control service you can rely on us to be convenient, on time, dependable and effective. Nobody knows the enemy like we do. Trust us to put every ounce of our experience to work for you in creating a pest defense for your business. Call today for a free assessment 732-300-8553

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