Cockroach Extermination

They came they saw they conquered, But not anymore!

 Roaches are filthy pests. They can accumulate bacteria on their feet and body parts because they travel through filthy spaces. They will then spread those germs around your property. The bacteria they deposit can cause people to fall ill or even become diseased. Many people have  developed asthma from an infestation of roaches. As they crawl on top of dishes and across counter tops or even scurry into your cereal box, they will contaminate every surface they touch. If you see a cockroach in your NJ home or business there are probably many more hiding in your walls. They can fit in the smallest tightest of spaces, and they are tough seasoned survivors. Even though they’ve been around since ancient prehistoric times, you don’t have to live among them in your home or business.


Some scientists believe cockroaches can survive a nuclear war.

Ecoguard LLC. has a team of PRO exterminators that know all about roaches in NJ. We know where they want to nest and how to exterminate them properly. Don't waste money on DIY remedies or quick fix products from the local store that don't even work. We know the right kind of pesticide to use and how to properly apply it to wipe out the entire colony, our technicians exterminate on a regular basis with 100% success and we can do it for you too. Call to speak with an expert today 732-300-8553


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